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Steward 10w30

Steward Ultimate 10w30 Mixed Fleet meets API Service Requirements for: CJ-4, CI-4 Plus, CI-4, CH-4, CG-4, CF-4, CF, SL, SJ, SH as well as Cat ECF-1A, ECF-2 and ECF-3.

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Mixed Fleet Oil

Steward Ultimate 10w30 Mixed Fleet is a high performance diesel engine oil designed to meet the performance requirements of EPA 2007-compliant vehicles defined by API CJ-4 and is an excellent choice for mixed fleet operations. Steward Ultimate 10w30 Mixed Fleet offers increased overall performance and protection for new engines and are approved for use in older vehicles as well.

Wear Protection, Superior Thermal Protection and More!

The additive package in Steward Ultimate 10w30 Mixed Fleet offers excellent wear protection, controls oil consumption and soot deposits, prevents viscosity loss from shearing, provides excellent low-temperature pumpability, superior thermal and oxidation protection,  helps prevent valve train, bearing and ring liner wear and also offers a high TBN to increase drain interval and effectively neutralize acids from combustion as well as acids that are re-introduced through EGR systems.

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