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"Natual Ovens have been using your SE-100 grease here at Natural Ovens for 15+ years, maintaining our many fleet vehicles and have had nothing short of excellent results. Your SE-100 has protected u-joints, tie rods, ball joints, shackles kingpins and other parts in excess of 700,000 miles and in some instances over 1 million miles, before the above mentioned parts finally wore out and needed to be replaced. To say the least your SE-100 has performed well above all of our expectations here. Thank you for the excellent grease and your great customer service!"

Jim & Joel
Natural Ovens Truck Maintenance Shop
Manitowoc, WI

"Metso Paper Filled Roll Operations started to use the SE-100 grease from Steward Enterprises about 18 years ago. Since using the grease on our large press screws we have a reduction in wear on the nuts of about 20 percent.  We replaced all the grease in the plant with the SE-100.  It works in all the applications including the bearings for all the roof mounted fans. It seems to stay inside the housing better than our old grease and handles the weather and temperature extremes well. We also use another of their products called Enforcer II. It is added to the gear oils on the presses. We have also seen better gear life in this application.  I would recommend the use of both of these products."

Mike Brault, Operations & Production Manager
Metso Paper Filled Roll Operations

"Your SE-100 grease is phenomenal, With my 25+ years experience as a mechanic I have used several different greases, all claiming to be the best. But this really proves it. Before we started using your SE-100 grease, 3 years ago, I used to have to replace a large number of these bearings every year. Since using your SE-100 I haven't replaced 1 bearing since! This bearing is China-made and has been in hard service for the last 3 years and its condition is still like new. The lines you see on the bearing race are visible but cannot even be felt and the bearing is as tight as a new bearing. The SE-100 grease has paid for itself many times over, just in the cost of not having to replace these bearings, not to mention the time and labor that has been saved as well. With these proven results I can't imagine why anyone would not want to use the SE-100".

(Photos left to right: Wes Wojann, brand new bearing, bearing after 3 years hard use, disassembled 3-year old bearing, 3-year old bearing after hard use)

Wes Wojann, Maintenance Manager
Oshkosh Country Club


"...I have used your Enforcer II Oil Fortifier in many of my own and customers vehicles. It has SAVED many transmissions and power steering pumps that otherwise would have to have been replaced, saving my customers money in repairs. Your Enforcer products have also reduced oil burning, increased drain intervals and quieted lifter and other noises in many of the fleet vehicles I repair and maintain for several different local companies. I very highly recommend this product for preventative maintenance or anyone having transmission or engine problems etc. These products are great as they can be used in all lubricants...."

Chuck Schilling, Owner/Operator & ASE Master Certified Tech
CIA Auto (Chucks Import Auto) Appleton, WI

"Over the years, I have tried numerous chain lube products on our wheel line irrigation system, and nothing seemed to bind to the chains well enough to keep the chains lubricated. That is until I found your 88% synthetic industrial, high temp Chain/Cable/Gear Lube. It is by far the best product we have used in our operation. The Chain/Cable/Gear Lube binds to the chains, does not wash off, and dirt doesn’t collect on the chains. It’s a remarkable product. Keep up the high quality products."

Bo Kindred, Swine and Pasture Coordinator
Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station

"...many times after driving my ATV's through deep water, muck, mud and dirt. I thought I should probably re-lubricate the chains and when I go to do so I find they are still lubed. That Synthetic chain lube you guys got is some pretty amazing $#!?. It really holds up...."

Chuck Schilling, Owner/Operator & ASE Master Certified Tech
CIA Auto (Chucks Import Auto) Appleton, WI

"...your grease is wonderful, it sticks to the bearings or shafts longer than any grease I've ever used. A wonderful product, it extends bearing life. I hope everyone in the construction and farming businesses use it. Your synthetic chain lube is a wonderful product, it sticks to chains in wet or dusty conditions. I can prove that it's a wonderful product. The transmission hydraulic oil is the only thing I will use in my four tractors' hydraulic systems. Supreme Torque works well in cold or very hot weather...."

Robert Genz
Watertown, WI

"...Supreme Torque withstands intense heat, and holds up under extreme pressure better than any of the other products we had been using, in the past, claiming to do the same. Those advantages alone have, virtually eliminated the former wear and tear on our equipment, thus saving on the replacement of the expensive parts, providing smoother hydraulic and transmission performance, and more. Both our customers and ourselves have benefited, over the past 12 years, with less down time and replacement of parts..."

Tim Wilson, Purchasing Manager
WITCO (Wisconsin Industrial Truck Company) Systems-Milwaukee

"... to tell you how impressed we are with your high temp Chain/Cable/Gear Lube here at Unimin Corporation’s Hamilton Plant. We began by installing it in our main crusher gear box. If it can take that harsh of an environment and punishment it could handle anything else we would be throwing at it. The lube performed to and above expectations. Our next step is replacing gear lube in all 21 conveyor gear drives, dryer gear drives, and chain lubricators with your high temp lube. This is the best gear and chain lube, bar none, on the market today. Let me assure you of our continued use of your high temp lube."

Craig King, Quality Control, Purchasing, and Safety & Health Supervisor
Unimin Corporation Hamilton Plant


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