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Oil Fortifier

Steward Enforcer II Oil Fortifier is a lubricant and hydraulic oil/stop leak combined! Its synthetic-based petroleum product developed and perfected through thousands of hours of laboratory and field testing is capable of servicing the lubricating needs of many industries.  Steward Lubricants have a custom blend of very high viscosity index oils and additives that will assist any conventional lubricant. Designed for universal application, this oil additive is perfect in all oils: Motor, Hydraulic, Tractor, Gear, and others.

Enhanced Performance

Conventional lubricants are made, for the general public, in mass production. Many people use their equipment in unconventional methods and need more protection. For these people, enhanced performance is a must, not an option. Enforcer II Oil Fortifier reinforces the film strength of conventional oils by adding VHVI oils. These oils are blended with special petroleum polymers designed to provide an increased fluid boundary between metal components. Increasing the fluid boundary between engine components reduces wear and, also, absorbs additional heat from your engine or hydraulic system.

Corrosion Protection

Steward Lubricants take the enhanced base oils and polymers, then add an additive package that assists in corrosion protection for high anti-wear and an acid neutralizer. These components provide a stronger oil film, while reducing wear and cooling the system.





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