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R & O Turbine Oil

Steward R&O Turbine Oils are premium industrial grade rust and oxidation lubricants. They are designed for use in many applications including turbines, circulating systems, air compressors, gear heads, electric motors, and hydraulic systems. These oils are recommended for applications that require clean, dependable lubrication for extended service periods - often for years. They effectively resist high temperatures, prevent rust, and shed entrained water and air. Steward R&O Turbine Oils give outstanding performance in low pressure hydraulic systems, circulating lubrication systems, gear cases, bearings, and other industrial units for which long trouble-free service is required.

R&O Turbine Oils have ASTM D943 Oxidation Stability lives of up to 3000 hours.

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Performance Characteristics

R&O Turbine Oils have been developed to meet or exceed the requirements for industrial applications calling for: Denison HF-1; DIN 51524, Part 1; MIL-H-17672C; Cincinnati Milacron P-38, P-54, P-55, P-57; U.S. Steel 126; AFNOR E-48600 HL.

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