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Steward Enterprise, Inc. is a wholesaler, retailer and distributor of high-tech lubrication products. Our main focus is to educate and help solve our customers problems with our Private blend laboratory tested lubricant and additive products that have been proven to provide equipment with the protection, lubricity, heat resistance & seal swell packages other lubricants often lack. To better serve our customers we also sell many lubricant products from companies you know like Mobil™, Shell, Pennzoil®, Quaker State®, Service Pro® and others.

High Quality Greases

For the past 20+ years, Steward Enterprise Inc. has the been the go-to company for grease comparison information and the highest quality greases that are truly multi-purpose and have the ability to serve several industries.

Most common greases are Lithium, Moly, Polyurea, Aluminum and others blends. They are generally made with additives and base oils to provide protection in a couple specific areas but not all. It is common to find a grease that will give sufficient heat protection and moderate extreme pressure protection but lacks properties for anti-wear, water, corrosion, rust and oxidation resistance. You can find many greases that cover a few aspects of protection as mentioned above, but very few that can give you superior protection in all areas. Our Steward SE- greases are made to provide longer optimal protection in all these areas and be truly multi-purpose.

Steward SE- greases are overbased calcium complex or calcium sulfonate complex greases blended with a variety of additives and base oils allowing them to provide superior protection in every environment. Every SE- Steward grease has high temperature dropping points, high load carrying abilities, heavy shock load and extreme pressure protection, high and low temp protection, salt, corrosion, rust and oxidation inhibitors, low water washout, high anti-wear properties and excellent stay put properties at high temps.

When you use Steward greases you can expect many benefits such as fewer breakdowns, less grease consumption (grease lasts 2-3 times longer), reduced downtime, reduced wear, fewer greases to stock and many other benefits.

Let us do a grease comparison for your operation.

How Can We Help?

While reading through the product information pages, feel free to call us with any questions you may have at (920) 734-4146, email or fax your questions with a return phone number listed to (920) 734-4147. We welcome your calls and look foreword to serving you!



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