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This high performance, extreme pressure grease exhibits outstanding pumpability in cold arctic type climates and hot tropical climates. It is formulated to extend re-lubrication intervals while providing superior film strength, load carrying ability, water washout resistance, and rust/corrosion prevention as compared to traditional multipurpose EP greases.

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Why SE-200 Grease Better?

The traditional explanation for grease has been to picture it as a sponge soaked in oil. The thickener or soap acts as the sponge while the oil performs the task of lubricating the metal parts. Now for the first time we have a thickener (sponge) which actually contributes to the grease lubricating actions. Calcium Sulfonates have been used for decades as a performance additive in engine and gear oils.

Excellent Multipurpose Grease

SE-200 grease features a Timken OK load of 65 lbs and a weld point in excess of 500 kg. It is provides extended protection of critical wear points in the most severe extreme pressure applications in the construction, mining, agricultural, logging, and hauling industries and any place where a shear stable, high load carrying corrosion resistance grease is required. This grease is particularly suitable for high speed bearings, extremely cold climates, hot climates, and centralized lubrication systems. SE-200 grease contains a special stay-put adhesion additive that assists the grease in resisting pounding out in shock loading impact conditions.

Perfect for Automotive Use

An excellent choice for use in automotive applications as it meets and exceeds the NLGI GC-LB classification for superior protection of wheel bearings and chassis. It exhibits excellent water repellency, oxidation resistance, and a wide operating temperature range; making it an obvious choice for virtually any multi-purpose or extreme pressure grease application. This grease is manufactured with special superior quality low viscosity base oils to increase pumpability in automatic lubrication systems and in all types of climates.

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