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Chain Cable Gear Lube

CAUTION: We have encountered only 1 issue with this product - IT LASTS TO LONG!

Our 88% Synthetic Industrial Chain/Cable/Gear Lube is the finest chain lube on the market! It provides protection for chains, cables, gears, mobile metal rails and other applications beyond belief. It is light enough to work its way into your rollers, but is heavy enough to cling to your fast-moving parts.

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Best of Both Worlds

Our formula is a "hybrid" blended from lubrication oil and solid, lubricating grease. It has the mobility of oil and, yet, the splatter and sling off resistance of grease. Its consistency is that of a thick fluid. However, it is able to penetrate like fine machine oil, fortified with solid, "dry" lubrication compounds and select additives to assist in reducing friction and wear, even under the most severe conditions.


Using our 88% synthetic industrial high temp chain lube will reduce chain stretching. It is also suitable for cable lubrication. It will creep all through the cable to provide exceptional wear and corrosion resistance. Our lubricity agent in our 88% Synthetic Industrial high temp Chain/Cable/Gear Lube will produce films on the metal that will prevent moisture from attacking the surface. It prevents rust and corrosion. It will reduce fatigue wear associated with moisture exposure. Our Lubricity films reduce the operating temperatures of the parts and reduce the energy consumption of a chain drive. In addition, it will reduce the noise and vibration associated with chain operation. Lubricity will remain on the metal long after the bulk oil film is dispersed. It is the most remarkable lubrication chemical we have ever seen!

Quality Raw Materials

We have extensive experience with lubricating chains on saws, RVs, industrial equipment and farm equipment. We are aware that good customer success is related to high quality raw materials. We have used only the best base stocks and additives to formulate this product. We offer exceptional Quality Control over manufacturing. We will risk that you cannot buy a higher quality industrial chain lube from any other supplier. Trust Steward Enterprise Inc. for high quality lubricants in all applications.



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